Financial Arranging For The Past, Present And Future

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Among 2003 and 2011, I had a very good, well paid job, and in the course of these years I had some wonderful trips. I went to a fantastic Olympics in Athens in 2004, I ultimately realised my dream to go to Egypt in 2005, (I visited the Wonderful Pyramid on my 50th birthday) I had a magical holiday in Nice and Monaco in 2006, (I’m a large Grace Kelly fan) I was in Washington on the night Barack Obama was elected in 2008, and I had an amazing trip to Mexico in 2011.

I had come in early and belted out a couple of songs. After there was quorum, we started off in actual earnest. The notable nightingale amongst us was Mano ( of cochin Kozhi fame ) who has a wonderful voice & crooned away into the night. The rest of us pitched in too. Ahead of the revelry was in complete swing, I recommended that I finish my talk on private finance, which was 1 of the things on agenda. I stuck to Retirement planning & True estate investments this time. Content to report that individuals did not nod off!

For several years, when I began as an independent I had as a lot costs as I had revenue…. so that was not very good. I was afraid to invest far more funds and to shed it all. But finally, my husband and I decided to invest a little bit of cash in my firm…. in the beginning we had been in the red but ultimately it really is getting better now and I hope to be in the green by next year 🙂 It is a difficult balance to know when to invest or when to let go!

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