Tips for Scooping and Storing Ice Cream

Scooping ice cream might seem like a simple process, but if you are the owner of an ice cream store, scooping ice cream is part of the whole experience. To produce the best product for your customer, you will need to store your ice cream properly and you will also need to use the right colored plastic spoons to scoop a delicious bowl of ice cream.


Ice cream is tricky to store. If it melts and is then refrozen, it will form larger crystals and this will ruin the creaminess of the ice cream. Keep the ice cream as cold as possible and only thaw it enough to where it is scoopable by ice cream spoons when it is time to serve it.

Scooping Ice Cream

Rather than use any spoon, Gelato Products has many spoon designs to help brand your business. You can order custom spoons with your branding, or colored spoons for fun and excitement in the shop. Remember, presentation is just as important as taste. That’s why getting the perfect scoop is so important.

Ice cream or gelato spoons are both acceptable for your ice cream store, but gelato is usually creamier than ice cream so the plastic may be less durable. These are spoons that are shaped like a shovel. While they are designed to be used for gelato, they can also be used to scoop many other things including ice cream and Italian ice. While these spoons might seem like a minor part of your business, they can add just the right touch that will set the tone for your ice cream shop.