Division Of Accounting

When we think of accountants, we feel of individuals in black suits armed with a calculator, surrounded by numbers and receipts. But what is the exact role of an accountant? An accountant is a practitioner of accountancy, whose major part is to maintain, audit, and inspect the economic records of individuals or business concerns and to prepare monetary and tax reports.

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Sale/leaseback accounting has been tightened. The transaction should meet the specifications for a sale in FASB Topic 606 (IAS 15), the income recognition common. If there is a fixed-value obtain option, sale/leaseback therapy is not permitted unless the lessee does not manage the asset at the time of the transaction and is acting as an agent for the original owner. If the leaseback qualifies as a finance lease, then no sale/leaseback has occurred. A failed sale/leaseback remains on the lessee’s books as an asset with the leaseback accounted for as debt.

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