Employed Tax Deductions (3)

Getting nervous about networking is understandable. Here are some suggestions to beat you anxiety and make meaningful connections.

I hardly ever contain comments that are crucial of any particular person in my articles. But, in this case, the story have to be told, My wife was trapped in the Superdome in New Orleans (uncomfortable but secure) for six days as Hurricane Katrina passed via in 2005. I was in Texas, and anxiously watching the news. I knew, from news shows, that ten,000 other folks had been waiting to be evacuated at the Civic Center. The governor of Louisiana and her staff gave a press conference.

Situation 1: Ms. Loveleen Netgeek, an on the internet store owner, has to drive all the way from Reno to San Francisco to attend a seminar on Net marketing trends. Due to the late schedule of the seminar, she also has to keep in a hotel overnight. Any costs of attending this seminar (admission charge, books, DVDs, and so forth) are deductible enterprise-education expenses. Also, she can deduct all the costs of lodging, gas mileage and meals on this trip as company travel costs.

That final home caretaking job of ours started in April, 2003. Our duties incorporated simple grounds work, upkeep of the pool, some minor animal care (the owners only had a handful of dogs, a few pet goats and a few chickens), constructing upkeep and some effortless home-cleaning. In exchange, we received free of charge housing in two casitas and a monthly stipend of $800. Eventually, although, we decided the house was a bit too remote for us, and we ended up moving back to Flagstaff, Steve’s hometown, six months later.

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