Grain Haulers Built for Hops Farmers

With the boom in the craft beer industry, hops farming has taken off as a cash crop in many locations around the country. In places like Colorado and Michigan where the brewing industry is especially active, there are even hobby farms starting up as home brewers experiment with the creation of their own hybrid hops strains from well-known varieties. If you’re looking to take advantage of the growing demand for hops, you need to know how to get the equipment that will make your operation efficient, because hops farming is no different from other agricultural investments. It only provides a return once you’ve established efficient processes.

Equipment for Hops Operations

According to a report from Michigan State University, there are several predictable expenses related to starting a hops operation. These include the construction of a drying-house, grain silo storage, and field preparation essentials like post holes and scaffolding for the vines. The MSU report outlines these average costs on a per-acre basis for Michigan farmers. For farmers outside the state, the report still provides a comprehensive list of the equipment and preparation costs associated with year one operations.

Most farmers don’t invest in moving a large amount of product while setting up initial operating processes because they tend to test in those processes with smaller crop batches. When you’re ready to launch your full capacity for hops production, though, it’s time to find grain haulers that will allow you to deliver your product to customers while preserving its freshness. The bouquet and pungency of hops are what the customer shops for, so you want to make sure you have the equipment to preserve those attractive qualities in your product.

Look for Experience

Finding the right people to move your product should be simple. Just look for haulers who have a long reputation for the prompt delivery of a fresh product. Once you have a partner who can move your product to your customer, you can focus on the core processes that make your operation successful.

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