How to Decorate a New Office

When you want to create a professional office space that looks contemporary and increases the productivity of your staff, it’s important to use the right decor items and color shades. The style and design of the setting will ultimately determine how comfortable your employees and business partners are when they spend time in the environment. Here are a few ways to decorate a new office to ensure that you can settle in.

Choose Neutral Art Pieces

Your commercial office space interior design should allow your employees to feel at ease and your guests welcome. It’s important that the walls aren’t bare in the office to ensure that it looks inviting and isn’t overly bland. Choose neutral art pieces to hang on the walls that reflect the type of business that you own. Consider using black and white photography that has a serious tone and will make a statement. Abstract paintings of landscapes will also look appealing and are appropriate for dental offices or medical practices.

Avoid Bold Wall Colors

Use neutral paint colors on the walls to avoid making the walls the focal point of the office space if you’re offering banking or legal services. Beige or gray are ideal options and can maintain their appeal for many years. You can use bold color shades sparingly if you’re resorting to decorating accent walls with colors that reflect the colors of the logo of your company.

Use a Real Estate Staging Firm

Real estate staging firms can allow you to obtain discounts on high-end furniture items that are available for a lower price. The items are often used to stage homes and are still in good condition, which can be ideal in your waiting area or a break room. The furniture pieces should look uniform to create a polished environment. A staging firm can also choose the right patterns, colors, and decor pieces to ensure that each room incorporates the same themes.

The placement of each desk in the office should make it accessible to greet visitors while also combining personal privacy to ensure that you can remain productive and avoid any distractions.

After you’ve moved into a new office space, you’ll need to choose the right decor pieces and furnishings to transform the setting and allow it to stand out. With the right products, you’ll feel proud to show off the office space to other professionals and increase the success of your business.

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