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We are passionate about helping people achieve their financial ambitions. Committed to objectivity, Griffon Economic Planning, Inc. does not get commissions or sell products. We work solely for our clients, designing custom methods that address individual needs and issues. With offices in Bend and Ashland, we serve consumers in Oregon and surrounding states.

A Soul Program Reading is a program that was channelled (received via telepathy or non-physical communication) and gives a way to comprehend the path of the soul in this life. Readings arise from the sound vibration of your birth name (as this seems on your birth certificate – extremely essential to make certain your name is appropriate!). Every name has a very unique sound vibration, which catalyzes the universe to attract into your life the individuals and circumstances that guide you towards the fulfillment your Soul’s program. Soul Strategy Reading is a remarkably potent and accurate system of life objective guidance, spiritual counselling and healing.

A wonderful way to break the silence in among bands playing is to have a live auction if you can locate one particular person to MC the event and take bids from the crowd on the larger far more expensive donated products. The person undertaking this does not have to be a professional auctioneer of any sort they just have to speak clearly, have the potential to steal the crowd’s consideration for a few minutes and be comfortable with a microphone.

Let me describe a worst case scenario: You graduated 20 years ago, your class has never had an official reunion, the group has no income, no ticket price has been set, no bank account exists, a deposit for the banquet was placed with a venue that is terribly overpriced, and its 75 days ahead of the reunion. Can it be accomplished? Extremely challenging, but yes.

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