Prof. Vinod Kumar

Accountants supply accounting systems and solutions relating to taxation and the monetary dealings of organisations and folks.

Accounting has a extended history and as demonstrated by Hines (1988, p251-261) it is seen as being socially constructed i.e. it is practised by individuals for men and women and as a result it is far more of an art rather than a science. As opposed to other professions, which have a body of theoretical understanding to rely on to make choices, accounting has evolved as a craft with handful of guidelines and small to no theoretical expertise underpinning its practise and function.

I administrate for an uncle who died in 2008. He was a farmer and a hoarder with 280 acres, a 1 and 1/two story farm home, a garage, four barns, three granaries (every creating complete), plus a yard complete of junk: derelict cars, tractors, farm implements, tires, farm chemical substances, scrap metal, lumber, and hordes of clutter and junk. My mother, living at the time (died in 2010) inherited 1/two of his estate and my 3 cousins inherited the other 1/2.

As economic reporting becomes increasingly complex, there is higher chance for criminal activity and negligence. Tighter regulations passed by the Securities Exchange Commission need to have to be complimented by CPA’s with honesty and integrity in order to put a cease to white collar crime and monetary misstatements. Forensic accountants operating with independent financial organizations, firms, nearby and state police, the IRS , and the FBI expose fraud and capital crimes. They are regularly called upon to testify during criminal trials as professional witnesses.

Section Two: the secondary and potentially third paragraph is displaying proof that you are keen to study this degree, you have proactively backed up your interest. Demonstrating your tough skill set. So what additional courses you have undertaken (don’t ever mention your A Levels in your individual statement), connected coursework (perhaps you did a related EPQ project), perform knowledge (you have shadowed an accountant), certain non-cliche readings (e.g. do not mention The Economist or The Monetary Instances) and so on.

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